Getting Started

TeamSpeak is a popular voice chat tool used by online gamers.  In this guide we will walk you through the process of setting up your own TeamSpeak server with Noise.

First head over to the Noise homepage and click on the Order button to purchase a server.  On the Order page, ensure you select TeamSpeak as the server type and then select how many slots you need for your server (slots determine how many users can be logged in to your server at the same time).  Also be sure to select the host location closest to you as it will provide you with the fastest connection.  Enter your payment info and submit the order and your server will be instantly activated!

After submitting your order you will be redirected to the Control Panel for your TeamSpeak server.  The first info shown to you will be your TeamSpeak host and the Privilege Key to gain admin powers on your server.  You will want to login to the TeamSpeak client using the host and port information shown and then enter the Privilege Key.  If you do not have the TeamSpeak client installed on your computer, you can download it from the TeamSpeak website.

Your server has now been created, and you have logged in and gained admin powers, so you are good to go!  You can invite some friends in to start chatting right away, or explore customizing your TeamSpeak server more by adding some channels and tweaking the settings.

To learn more about using and configuring your TeamSpeak server be sure to explore our Help Center.  And for additional help on the TeamSpeak client, check out TeamSpeak's official Knowledge Base and Client Support FAQs.

Happy Gaming!